Post Publication Independent Review of

"Tsinghua University launches School of Public Health"

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Post Publication Independent Review of "Tsinghua University launches School of Public Health"

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Post Publication Independent Review of

Tsinghua University launches School of Public Health

Shawn Yuan

Published: April 11, 2020 DOI:

Review Comments:

India has several Central, State, Private, Deemed Universities, Institutions of Eminence, Autonomous & Affiliated Colleges, across a diverse spectrum. It may be the need of the hour to encourage interdisciplinary research on Public Health in every Institution of Higher Education in India. The interdisciplinary nature of research pursuit at every Institution may be related to the existing courses that have been currently approved, so that the departments existing now will also get enriched. Subsequent to the research pursuits yielding substantial research outcome, the same area of research may be translated as interdisciplinary PG or UG courses (as per feasibility), with eminence tag in that area of research to that Institute, with substantial Govt. patronage.

Further, suggested that all current, trainee & prospective Govt. Officials (Central & State) may undergo refresher courses at nearest identified Universities/Colleges on preparation/handling/managing emergencies/pandemics/disasters etc.

Suggested that a related periodic Memorial (Interactive) Lecture Series be instituted at the Union Ministry Level addressed by eminent global experts/researchers/personalities. During the half or one hour period of lecture, suggested that all educational institutions across the Nation suspend regular activity and tune into the lecture via centralized facilities or handheld devices. Moderation of Interaction may be done by a centralized team. Further suggested that all Doordarshan Channels broadcast the same so that it can reach every citizen. To ensure maximum absorption of knowledge conveyed & discussed, the same may be translated into content, specifically blended with relation to the absorption medium, for eg., school level, college level, society or general public, etc.

Suggested that concerned Ministries and the National Disaster Management Authority create an inter-ministerial task force for effective governance.

The following content quoted from the research manuscript reviewed post publication will add better insight.

1. Quote "As the world continues to battle the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, Tsinghua University, one of China's most academically acclaimed higher education institutions, launched its School of Public Health on April 2. The school is aiming to train the next generation of professionals who will take on the responsibility of safeguarding the public health of the world's most populous country." End of Quote.

2. Quote "“The current epidemic has revealed some of the obvious shortcomings in our nation's epidemic emergency response and public health management system”, Qiu Yong, president of Tsinghua University, said during the opening ceremony of the school. “It also reflects the importance and urgency of global collaboration in public health.”" End of Quote.

3. Quote "Compared with other schools of public health in China, which were originally developed in association with schools of medicine, Tsinghua's is expected to operate with other departments, including humanity and social sciences, science, engineering, and management, to create a multidisciplinary curriculum. With a focus on infectious diseases, Tsinghua's School of Public Health will collaborate with departments such as the Department of Earth System Science, which has strong monitoring and modelling capabilities on environment-related diseases—the foundation of big data-based infectious disease modelling and prevention" End of Quote.

4. Quote "Local governments in China have few public health experts to guide their policy-making process, so Tsinghua will include special training to different levels of governors as part of its plan to become a leading power in training public health professionals to address the pressing issues in China's disease control" End of Quote.

5. Quote “We are actively engaging in a dialogue with the government to allow us to build an omniscient surveillance system and systematic modelling capacity”, said Gong, “so that it could gradually achieve the predictive and early warning powers to serve the nation and the world.” End of Quote.

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