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Nesting and Incubation Behaviour in Tailor bird (Orthotomus sutorius) in Urban Areas of Haryana. Sarita Rana. IJBST (2018), 11(3):30-35

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Nesting and Incubation Behaviour in Tailor bird (Orthotomus sutorius) in Urban Areas of Haryana

Authors & Affiliation:

Sarita Rana

Department of Zoology, University College, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, INDIA



Changing habitat and loss of food resources may influence demography through changes in the overall breeding performance of Tailor bird (Orthotomus sutorius). Tailor bird is small bird of olive green colour above and white underneath. It nests in April – September when vegetation and insect population is abundant. Nest searches were conducted checking individual bushes or by following nesting-related activities of the parent birds. Tailor bird inhabited light scrub jungle open areas, ploughed fields, grazing lands and cultivated areas close to human habitations and gardens. They utilized cover which provided them sufficient food and water. These habitats provided suitable food and cover to Tailor bird. Egg laying was initiated in late May, with the earliest record of the first egg in the clutch laid in the beginning of May (2014), and it ended by end of July (2014), therefore, the egg-laying period was approximately 4-5 days. Because a nesting cycle (nest building, egg-laying, incubation, pre- and post-fledging care) required nearby 40 days (see below), pairs could not raise more than one brood a year. Only females incubated whereas males provided food to the incubating females. The incubation period, measured as the number of days from the date of the laying of the last egg to the date of the hatching of the first young, ranged from 13 to 14 days. Incubation was started by the female when the last egg of the clutch had been laid.

Keywords: tailor bird, nesting, incubation, clutch size, breeding behavior