IJBST 2019 Volume 12 Issue 2

International Journal of BioSciences and Technology (IJBST)

ISSN: 0974-3987



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Sarita Rana, & Harsh Gulati. (2019). Agonistic and Acoustic behaviour of Sarus Crane, Antigone antigone in Gurugram District, Haryana, India. International Journal of Biosciences and Technology (IJBST) ISSN: 0974-3987, 12(2), 13–20. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3365997


Agonistic and Acoustic behaviour of Sarus Crane, Antigone antigone in Gurugram District, Haryana, India

Sarita Rana, Harsh Gulati

Department of Zoology, Institute of Integrated and Honours Studies, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India

saritarana20@gmail.com, harshmagic23@gmail.com


Sarus crane, Antigone antigone is a sociable bird that have evolved to inhabit wetland areas. Sarus crane perform varieties of behaviours which may include egocentric, maintenance, agonistic and acoustic behaviours. Population of Indian Sarus crane is declining rapidly and now has been declared as a vulnerable species in IUCN red list of threatened species. However, there are limited studies focusing on habitat utilization, nesting, breeding success, and behavior of Sarus cranes. We studied the Sarus crane in the Gurugram District of Hrayana, India to understand two types of behavioural activities that these birds usually perform in their daily life. In this study, we focus on two types of behaviour i.e. agonistic and acoustic behaviour of Sarus cranes. We proposed regular survey to monitor various activities of Sarus Crane that comes under agonistic as well as acoustic behaviour.Our analysis predicted that Sarus crane perform various activities during their lifetime depending on the condition that they face. Major threat display that we have noticed is tertial elevation and dorsal preening that they was performing maximum time during our observation. Our study revealed that these birds shows unison call as major acoustic display when they present in pair and with other pair as well. The present study was carried out in the Gurugram district of Haryana.

Keywords: Sarus Crane, Agonistic, Acoustic, time activity budget, Gurugram district