Board Initiatives

Board Initiatives

Prof Dr Era Subramani, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Periyar University, Salem-636 011, Tamil Nadu, INDIA


"Board Initiatives" refers to any/all such initiatives by the Hon'ble Board Members in accordance with the non-discriminatory, apolitical, diversity inclusive, ethical service with integrity (& compassion, if possible) stand of the @IJBST_JrnlGroup

The Hon'ble Board Members may present details of such initiatives that they could have done or are doing and it shall be recorded at the "Board Initiatives" webpage

The resources of the Journal Group are limited, but if there is anything that the Journal Group may do to help the Board Member in the pursuit of the concerned initiative in a better way, the Journal Group shall do its best for the Board Member.


The @IJBST_JrnlGroup will NOT hold any rights on the aforesaid "Board Initiatives".

The rights will be that of the respective Board Members only.

This is a facility created to help provide better visibility to the good work done by the Hon'ble Board Members and to assist/support them (if possible), in the pursuit of the good that they do.


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