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Genetic polymorphism of GH; PIT 1 and PRLR genes in six lines of Sudanese chickens. Mohamed S. Hassanane; Sally S Alam; Ojang A. Ajang; Kamal A.B. Mohamed; Salah Eldein Sid-Ahmed; Ahmed S Abdoon. IJBST (2017), 10(6):43-52

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Genetic polymorphism of GH; PIT 1 and PRLR genes in six lines of Sudanese chickens

Authors & Affiliation:

Mohamed S. Hassanane1; Sally S Alam2; Ojang A. Ajang3; Kamal A.B. Mohamed4; Salah Eldein Sid-Ahmed5; Ahmed S Abdoon6

1,2 Cell Biology Department, National Research Centre, Dokki. Giza, Egypt.

3 Department of Poultry production, College of Animal Production, Upper Nile Southern Sudan University. Juba, South Sudan.

4,5 Department of Animal production, College of Agricultural Studies, Sudan University of Science and Technology.

6 Animal Reproduction and A.I. Department, National Research Centre, Dokki. Giza, Egypt.

hmsaber@yahoo.com, sallyalam@yahoo.com, awanojang@gmail.com, Mukhtar80201169@gmail.com, sidahmed810@yahoo.com, assabdoon@yahoo.com


In the present study, three genes named: GH; PIT 1 and PRLR were genotyped using PCR-RFLPs technology in six Sudanese chicken lines: Bare neck (1; 2); Large Baladi (1; 2); Frizzle and Betwil. For each line, twenty blood samples were collected from wing vein; DNA was extracted, PCRs were performed using specific primers for the genes understudy, the PCR products were characterized after cutting their products with previously reported restriction enzymes. The results showed the absence of polymorphism for the PRLR gene which shows only one allele or genotype (B; BB) while the other two genes were polymorphic. The GH gene showed two alleles (A; B) with three genotypes (AA; AB; BB), while the PIT 1 gene showed also two alleles (A; B) with only two genotypes (AA; AB), frequencies of alleles and genotypes were varied according to the line. In conclusion the GH and PIT 1 genes can be used as candidate genes for genetic improvement of Sudanese chickens while PRLR gene cannot be due to the lack of polymorphism in it.

Keywords: PIT 1; GH; PRLR; polymorphism, Sudanese, chickens