Dr. Tanya Beran

Dr. Tanya Beran

Dr. Tanya Beran is an Associate Professor in Applied Psychology at the University of Calgary. She teaches courses in assessment and evaluation. Her research interests include childhood victimization, measurement, and statistical procedures.  She is also a Registered Psychologist and frequently does consultation work for school boards.

She has taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in areas including theory, statistics, clinical work, and foundations in school psychology. In many of these courses she ensures that students develop core competencies according to the Canadian Psychological Association. For several years she has taught in the Master of Teaching program preparing students for teaching. In all of these experiences she has been involved in curriculum design, teaching education theories, setting instructional objectives, and ensuring that individual courses meet program goals. Dr. Tanya Beran's view of teaching is that it is a process of sharing knowledge, experiences, and skills to challenge students to critically examine their existing understanding. Therefore, she uses a combination of inquiry based and direct instruction methods.

Her research interests are focused on childhood aggression, as well as academic achievement. Most recently she has explored the phenomenon of cyber harassment. One of the goals of these research projects is to develop and implement program policy recommendations, which will aid in improving the school environment and increase students' enjoyment in learning. A secondary area of research includes measurement and assessment, that includes examining the reliability, validity, and utility of student evaluation systems.

Her service activities include interviews with the media, committee work with the Alliance to End Violence, presentation of her research to government and interest groups, licensing examiner for the College of Alberta Psychologists, and representation on several boards.