Dr. Steven D. Heys

Dr. Steven D. Heys

Professor & Deputy Head, Division of Applied Medicine and Leader Cancer Medicine, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK and Editorial Board Member, International Journal of BioSciences and Technology

Professor Steven D Heys is Deputy Head of the Division of Applied Medicine, Professor of Surgical Oncology and a consultant surgeon in the University of Aberdeen and NHS Grampian, and has a special interest in the treatment of patients with breast cancer since 1992. He graduated in 1981 and obtained an MD and PhD at the Rowett Research Institute, investigating aspects of nutrition and metabolism, particularly focussing on malignant disease


He leads the Cancer Research Programme at the University of Aberdeen, NHS Grampian and his own interests include the role of nutrition in carcinogenesis, and mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance in breast cancer, publishing more than 185 scientific papers and 25 book chapters.


He also has a special interest in education both within the University of Aberdeen and also nationally at several other universities and plays a role in the regulation of medical training for undergraduates and postgraduates in the UK.


He was a council member of the Association of Breast Surgery at the British Association of Surgical Oncology (BAS0), representing Scotland and as well as providing advice to the UICC and National Institute of health and Clinical Excellence is the sub-editor of the World Journal of Surgical Oncology and is an Hon'ble member of the Board of the International Journal of Biosciences and Technology and its Associate Journals.