Dr. Mohammad S. Obaidat

Dr. Mohammad S. Obaidat

IEEE Fellow and SCS Fellow; Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Communication Systems, Wiley; President, Society for Modeling and Simulation International, SCS and Professor of Computer Science, Monmouth University, NJ, USA and Editorial Board Member, International Journal of BioSciences and Technology

Dr. Mohammad S. Obaidat is an internationally well known academic, researcher, and scientist. He received his Ph.D. and M. S. degrees in Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA. Dr. Obaidat is currently a full Professor of Computer Science at Monmouth University, NJ, USA. Among his previous positions are Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Director of the Graduate Program at Monmouth University and a faculty member at the City University of New York. He has received extensive research funding. He has authored or co-authored five books and over three hundred and sixty (360) refereed scholarly journal and conference articles.Dr. Obaidat has served as a consultant for several corporations and organizations worldwide and is editor of many scholarly journals including being the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Communication Systems published by John Wiley. He is also an Editor of IEEE Wireless Communications. In 2002, he was the scientific advisor for the World Bank/UN Workshop on Fostering Digital Inclusion. Recently, Dr. Obaidat was awarded the distinguished Nokia Research Fellowship and the Distinguished Fulbright Award.

Dr. Obaidat has made pioneering and lasting contributions to the multi-facet fields of computer science and engineering. He has guest edited numerous special issues of scholarly journals such as IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Elsevier Performance Evaluation, SIMULATION: Transactions of SCS, Elsevier Computer Communications Journal, Journal of C & EE, and International Journal of Communication Systems. Obaidat has served as the steering committee chair, advisory Committee Chair, honorary chair, and program chair of many international conferences. He is the founder of the International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems, SPECTS and has served as the General Chair of SPECTS since its inception. Obaidat has received a recognition certificate from IEEE. Between 1994-1997, Obaidat has served as distinguished speaker/visitor of IEEE Computer Society. Since 1995 he has been serving as an ACM distinguished Lecturer. He is also and SCS Distinguished Lecturer. Prof. Obaidat is the founder of the SCS Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) and its present director.

Between 1996 and 1999, Dr. Obaidat served as an IEEE/ACM program evaluator of the Computing Sciences Accreditation Board/Commission, CSAB/CSAC. Between 1995 and 2002, he has served as a member of the board of directors of the Society for Computer Simulation International. Between 2002 and 2004, He has served as Vice President of Conferences of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International SCS. Between 2004-2006, he has served as Vice President of Membership of SCS. Prof. Obaidat is currently the Senior Vice President of SCS. He has been invited to lecture and give keynote speeches worldwide. His research interests are: wireless communications and networks, modeling and simulation, performance evaluation of computer systems, and telecommunications systems, security of computer and network systems, high performance computing/computers, applied neural networks and pattern recognition, security of e-based systems, and speech processing. During the 2004/2005 academic, he was on sabbatical leave as Fulbright distinguished Professor and Advisor to the President of Philadelphia University (Dr. Adnan Badran who became in April 2005 the Prime Minster of Jordan). Prof. Obaidat is a Fellow of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International SCS, and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).