Dr. Hamid R. Arabnia

Dr. Hamid R. Arabnia

Professor, Computer Science; Chair, WorldComp '08; Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Supercomputing (Springer); Director, Graduate Programs, Department of Computer Science, University of Georgia, Athens, USA and Editorial Board Member, International Journal of BioSciences and Technology

Dr. Hamid R. Arabnia received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Kent (Canterbury, England) in 1987.In 1987, he worked as a Consultant for Caplin Cybernetics Corporation (London, England), where he helped in the design of a number of image processing algorithms that were targeted at a particular parallel machine architecture. Prof. Arabnia is currently a Full Professor of Computer Science at University of Georgia (Georgia, USA), where he has been since October 1987.His research interests include Parallel and distributed processing techniques and algorithms, interconnection networks, and applications (in particular, in image processing, medical imaging, and other computational intensive problems).Prof. Arabnia has chaired many national and international conferences and technical sessions in these areas; he is the chair of WORLDCOMP annual research conference (WORLDCOMP attracts over 2,100 attendees per year from 82 countries – the event is considered to be the largest research conference in Computer Science).He is Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Supercomputing (Springer) and is on the editorial and advisory boards of 17 other journals and magazines.He is the chair of the world committee of PDPTA (Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications research organization: PDPTA is composed of 28 task forces with over 2,800 active participants).

Prof. Arabnia is the recipient of William F. Rockwell, Jr. Medal for promotion of multi-disciplinary research (Rockwell Medal is International Technology Institute's highest honor).In 2000, Prof. Arabnia was inducted to the World Level of the Hall of Fame for Engineering, Science and Technology (The World Level is the highest possible level for a living person; since 1982, 41 other individuals have been inducted at this level, including: Allen E. Puckett, CEO of Hughes Aircraft Company; Dr. Robert C. Seamans, Chairman of the board of trustees of Aerospace Corp.; Dr. James C. Fletcher, 7th head of NASA; Dr. Ralph E. Gomory, IBM Director of Research; Dr. Richard M. Cyert, President of Carnegie Mellon University; Dr. John R. Koza, Stanford University; Dr. George M. Reed, Oxford University; Dr. Andrew S. Grove, CEO of Intel Corp.; Dr. Irwin M. Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm, Inc.; Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft Corp.; see http://www.hofest.org/inductee-wlh.asp for the complete list)He has received a number of awards, including, The Johns Hopkins University National Search (Certificate of Achievement) in recognition of his contributions to the national program for enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities through the application of computing technology (presented to him in December 1991 - signatories: co-directors of the National Search and President of Johns Hopkins U.)In 2006, Prof. Arabnia received the Distinguished Service Award in recognition and appreciation of his contributions to the profession of computer science and his assistance and support to students and scholars from all over the world; this award was formally presented to him on June 26, 2006 by Professor Barry Vercoe (Massachusetts Institute of Technology / MIT). Most recently (October 14, 2007), Prof. Arabnia received an "Outstanding Achievement Award in Recognition of His Leadership and Outstanding Research Contributions to the Field of Supercomputing".This award was formally presented to him at Harvard University Medical School (signatories: Lawrence O. Hall, President of IEEE/SMC; Zhi-Pei Liang, Vice President of IEEE/EMB; Jack. Y. Yang, General Chair of IEEE BIBE and Harvard University; Mary Qu Yang, Chair of Steering Committee, IEEE BIBE and NIH). Prof. Arabnia has published extensively in journals and refereed conference proceedings.He has over 250 research publications (journals, proceedings, editorship) in his area of research.Prof. Arabnia has been a Co-PI on $7,139,525 externally funded projects/initiatives (mainly via Yamacraw and includes significant UGA matching) and on $103,453 internally funded projects (as of October 2007).He has also contributed projects for justification for equipment purchase (grant proposals worth over $3 Million - awarded).

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