Dr. Palaniswami K.S.

Dr. K. S. Palaniswami

Eminent Consultant in Immunology & BioTechnology and Director of Research (Retd.), Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, INDIA and Advisory Board Member, International Journal of BioSciences and Technology

Dr. K. S. Palaniswami is a PhD in Veterinary Microbiology.

He served as Director of Research, Tamil Nadu Veterninary and Animal Sciences University prior to retirement.

He has published 60 research papers.

He is President of the Indian Society for Nuclear Technology in Animal Sciences.

He is Past President and presently General Secretary, Indian Society for Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology.

Dr. K. S. Palaniswami is a member in ICAR Committees New Delhi, INDIA

He is nationally acclaimed for development of vaccines for Animal Diseases (PPR, RDV, IBD)

He was an invited Participant in FAO/IA EA international seminars at VIENNA funded by UN DP in1997 and 2003.

As a Doctoral Supervisor, he has guided and continues to guide many students in their Doctoral and Masters degree program